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Black Steel Music provides information about music equipment, covering the increasingly wide variety of products, as well as the resources to understand how to use them more effectively.


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Sound Forge Scripting - Applying Multiple Effects An excerpt from the book: Sound Forge 8 Power!


Cutting A Range Of MIDI Notes With Cakewalk How to cut a range of MIDI notes from one track and move them to another track.


Finding Glitches With Sound Forge Fixing audio problems in live recordings after the fact.


Quick Audio Preview in Windows XP How to get Windows XP to load audio files more quickly for previewing. offers a custom T-shirt line infused with tattoo-inspired art and attitude!


Avoiding Clicks with Crossfading How to splice two pieces of audio together without getting clicks.


If you're interested in some very fascinating and useful information about Blues Music and its origins, we strongly recommend visiting the PBS network's pages about its new 7-part TV series, The Blues.


Easier Cakewalk Editing with the Scroll Lock Key How to edit more easily in Cakewalk while listening to the music.

Automatically Empty the Cakewalk Picture Cache How to set up Windows to empty the Cakewalk Picture Cache automatically.


Encode Your Sonar MP3s For Free Ways to encode your Sonar 2 MP3s for free.


Do the Doppler with Sound Forge How to create a Doppler effect by using Sound Forge.


American Roots Music, the 4-part PBS TV series, reveals fascinating facts about the historical origins of today's pop music. Visit the site to read about the artists, the music, and the music instruments innovations.


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